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Before you travel anywhere it is vital to be prepared, one of the most important things to remember is travel insurance. Having an accident or falling ill abroad could cost thousands of pounds if you are not insured.

When choosing travel insurance it is important to get the right policy for you. And if you have a pre-existing illness then allows you to follow a simple process for online screening, after which you should be able to choose cover and compare the market.

The travel insurance comparison within is designed to allow you to tailor your travel insurance to meet your requirements; whether annual holiday, quick trip, business trip, we cater for most travel insurance needs.

We have provided a number of ways in which you can work with our website and we trust that this will ensure that your travel insurance can all be successfully arranged with cover, conditions and price to meet your personal travel requirements.

The medical screening comparison facility of allows easy comparison of product, brands and prices. The medical screening should also be easy to use and work well to provide flexibility and support travel for the young and not so young.

Medics, doctors and nurses have all been involved in developing the screening process and pre-existing illness and lists and categories are very wide, which you should find easy to access.

Product Types

We have a number of different product types available.

There is a whole variety of travel vacation plans, from tours to individual holidays, groups to wedding parties, consideration of pets – what we all do on holiday varies enormously so please look carefully read the details of the products and compare and select the product that best suits your travel needs.

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All prices include Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) and an administration fee. Please note: Call centre prices will differ to cover the costs of the services, infrastructure and people. is operated and administered by Brokersure Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Small print

Why does travel insurance have small print?

The reason is that good travel policies are providing wide ranging types of coverage from medical emergency cover, third party liability, cancellation, baggage cover and personal accident cover amongst many other details to make you aware of – and that is a lot to write down.

Please always remember that there is no alternative to reading the small print to ensure cover meets all your needs. We have though tried to build in mechanisms to assist in evaluation of cover, and we hope you will find that useful.

The ABI Association of British Insurers have also tried to help customers and produce a list of questions and answers which can be found here at The Assocation of British Insurers.